The Beeafeater Restaurant opened its doors in 1976

The story of its name comes from “The Beefeaters”, whose official name is Yeomen or “custodians”. Their official mission is to watch over any prisoners that may be locked up in the Tower and the security of the famous British Crown Jewels, although in practice they are now the tower’s tour guides, as well as one of its main attractions.

The Beefeater Restaurant opened its doors in 1976. During this long period the diversity of transitions and influxes in the Malaga tourism sector has been very marked, but The Beefeater remains faithful to its ideology, mentality and spirit to offer the best variety of beef our country, always offering top quality material. Their slogan says it all: “Meat is our jewel.”

the beefeater team

It is currently run by Ángel Carnero who, despite his youth, is backed by a magnificent professional career in the restaurant sector. Ángel is committed to innovation, and gives us the opportunity to taste an elaborate gastronomic offer -based on Mediterranean cuisine with more avant-garde touches-, but without altering the characteristic flavor of its different meats. They have recently incorporated Tasting – Pairing into their gastronomy to teach us to select the wine depending on the menu that we are going to taste.

Ángel Carnero trained at the Les Roches Hotel Management School. He has a degree from the University of Birmingham in Tourism Management. He is fluent in English, German and Italian. Taking over the management of the restaurant was a difficult challenge, but he has achieved his goal and leads a dynamic team with a desire to excel, in which the human part is his greatest quality, which makes everyone who visits The Beefeater feel like at home.

Marta Vázquez, Head Chef, is another basic pillar of the local’s success. She has worked as Head Chef in prestigious restaurants on the Costa del Sol. Together they form a tandem that makes The Beefeater one of the best restaurants in Andalusia. Its success is based on two essential elements: quality and service, which, together with very contained and stable prices, attract a wide and loyal clientele.