Beefeater’sBarbecued Ribs 11,50
Iberian Pork Speciality 13,00
Pork Chop 9,50
Ox-Choop 600 gr 24,00
Pork Filler Steak 12,00
Beef Fillet Steak 21,00
Pork Filler Shish Kebab 11,00
Beef Filler Shish Kebab 15,00
Pork Speciality Shish Kebab 12,00
Chicken Shish Kebab 11,50
Mixed Shish Kebab 15,00
Ox & Beff House Hamburguer with French Fries 8,50
Ox Meatballs with Almond Sauce adn French Fries 10,00
Ox Sirloin 18,50
Sirloin or Chop by Ox-Kobe Custom S/P
Sirloin Steak 17,50
Giant Sirloin Steak 500 Gr. 23,00
Veal Escalope with Freanch Fries 10,50
Baby Lamb Chops 16,00
Shoulder of Baby Lamb 19,50
Grilled “Butifarra” Sausage 7,00
Burgos Black Pudding 7,00
Spicy “Chorizo Criollo” Sausage 6,00
Beefeater´s Mixed Grill for One 16,00
Beefeater para Mixed Grill for Two 30,00
Chateaubriand for Two With Béarnaise Souce 43,00
Chicken Breast with French Fries 8,00
Assorted Grilled Sausages (Black Pudding Rice,”Butifarra”Sausage and “Chorizo Criollo”) 8,00
Fresh Chicken Breast Breaded with Freanch Fries 8,50
Chicken Cordon Bleu with French Fries 10,50